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Directed by

Set & Costume Design by

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Sound Design by

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Paradise Now

Bush Theatre, December 2022 - January 2023

Written by Margaret Perry

Directed by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart

Set Design by Rosie Elnile 

Costume Design by Hazel Low

Lighting Design by Alex Fernandez

Sound Design by Jasmin Kent Rodgman

Photos by Helen Murray

Fefu and her Friends

Tobacco Factory Theatres, October 2022

Written by María Irene Fornés

Directed by Nancy Medina

Set & Costume Design by Aldo Vázquez 

Lighting Design by Lucía Sánchez Roldán

Sound Design by Liz Purnell

Photos by Chelsey Cliff

Only an Octave Apart

Wilton's Music Hall, September - October 2022

Co-created and Directed by Zak Winokur

Arrangement by Nico Muhly

Set Design by Carlos Soto

Costume Design by Jonathan Anderon for JW Anderson and Loewe

Lighting Design by John Torres

Sound Design by Ed Lewis

Musical Direction by Daniel Schlosberg

Photos by Ellie Kurttz

All of Us

National Theatre, July - September 2022

Written by Francesca Martinez

Directed by Ian Rickson

Set & Costume Design by Georgia Lowe 

Lighting Design by Anna Watson

Sound Design by Gregory Clarke

Composition by Stephen Warbeck

Photos by Helen Murray


Bush Theatre, July - August 2022

Written by Ambreen Razia

Directed by Roisin McBrinn & Sophie Dillon Moniram

Set & Costume Design by Liz Whitbread 

Lighting Design by Sally Ferguson

Sound Design by Sonum Batrum

Photos by Suzi Corker

Red Pitch

Bush Theatre, February - March 2022

Written by Tyrell Williams

Directed by Daniel Bailey

Set & Costume Design by Amelia Jane Hankin

Lighting Design by Ali Hunter

Sound Design by Khalil Madovi

Photos by Craig Fuller


Theatre503, March 2022

Written by Pravin Wilkins

Directed by Nancy Medina

Set & Costume Design by Aldo Vázquez

Lighting Design by Laura Howard

Sound Design by Duramaney Kamara

Photos by Adiam Yemane

The 4th Country


Park Theatre, January - February 2022

Written by Kate Reid

Directed by Gabriella Bird

Set and Costume Design by Jida Akil

Lighting Design by Catja Hamilton

Sound Design by Hugh Sheehan

Photos by Marc Brenner

Old Bridge

Bush Theatre, October - November 2021

Written by Igor Memic

Directed by Selma Dimitrijevic

Set Design by Oli Townsend

Costume Design by Natalie Pryce

Lighting Design by Aideen Malone

Sound Design by Max Pappenheim

Photos by Marc Brenner



Bush Theatre, September - October 2021

Written by Travis Alabanza

Directed by Debbie Hannan

Set & Costume Design by Max Johns

Lighting Design by Jess Bernberg

Sound Design by Francis Botu

Photos by Helen Murray


The Dancing Master

Buxton Opera House, July 2021

Score by Malcolm Arnold

Directed by Sue Moore

Conducted by John Andrews

Lighting Design by Ben Pickersgill

MA Directors Showcase

LAMDA Linbury Theatre, 2021

Sparks by Simon Longman

Directed by Harry Gould

Set & Costume Design by Oscar Morris

Lighting Design by Laura Howard

Sound Design by Sam Furse

Photos by Alex Brenner

I Hate It Here devised by the cast

Directed by Jess Haygarth

Set & Costume Design by Ruby Brown

Lighting Design by Laura Howard

Sound Design by Hattie North

Photos by Alex Brenner

Mr Kolpert by David Gieselmann

Directed by Belle Bao

Set & Costume Design by Emily Nelson

Lighting Design by Ben Garcia

Sound Design by Tingying Dong

Photos by Ali Wright

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